BI & analytics

BI & analytics

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With the digital disruption, there is an even bigger opportunity to derive value from the explosion of data. Florecer Business Intelligence Services help organizations collate relevant disparate data into data warehouses and build dashboards for visualization to allow users to analyze and derive useful insights.

We provide insights into sales, markets, products, customers, partners, employees and operations for better analysis of costs, revenue, performance, and risks. Our end to end BI Consulting Services include requirement assessment, gap analysis, planning, technology evaluation and selection, solution design and technical execution/implementation.


  • Increasing operational, financial, and reputational risks threatening business survival
  • Ambiguous insights into customer data
  • Inability to respond to strategic opportunities in the absence of intelligence

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BI consulting

Our end to end services BI Consulting Services include requirement assessment & planning, gap analysis, technology evaluation and selection, solution design and technical execution/implementation.

We help you implement BI solutions on various platforms such as desktops, mobile (Android/iOS) and Cloud. A key offering is customized Self Service BI solutions and user centric Visualization solutions including dashboards and drill down reports.

  • BI Strategy/Roadmap Development
  • Requirements Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Project Planning
  • Technology/Tool selection support

BI implementation

We implement end to end BI Solutions, from ETL Process, Data Warehouse Design, and Development to building Visualization solutions. Our BI service delivery can be on desktops, mobile or cloud platforms.

  • ETL Process Development
  • Visualization Configuration/Development
  • Data Warehouse Design

BI service delivery & framework

Florecer can help you implement BI in various forms and deliver BI across platforms. We help you implement operational solutions, analytical solutions, self-service solutions and deliver these solutions on Mobile and Cloud platforms for your employees and customers.

  • Operational
  • Analytical
  • Self-Service
  • Mobile
  • Cloud

Big data

Organizations are looking to exploit all the sources of data that they can collect and manage to leverage data as an asset and drive competitive advantage. Big data is a term applied to a new generation of software applications and system and storage architecture, all designed to provide business value from unstructured data. Big data sets require advanced tools, software, and systems to capture, store, manage and analyze the data sets, all in a time-frame that preserves the intrinsic value of the data.

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Case Definition
  • Evaluation of technology and opting the right platform
  • Architecture Assessment and Definition
  • Prototyping & Benchmarking
  • Real-Time Monitoring Panel

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  • Convert information into intelligent insight to help with strategic business decisions. These decisions will result in a competitive advantage and ongoing superior financial performance.
  • Understand your customers’ purchase journey to engage, promote and create stickiness.
  • Draw all data into a centralized repository for reports that provide metrics on productivity, performance, customer preferences, and sales cycles. These metrics will help to pinpoint hotspots and make corrections on the go.
  • Use intelligence to refine existing processes and automate routine tasks. This leads to increased efficiency, productivity and controlled costs.