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Deliver a connected customer experience with Salesforce

As you shift to digital-first customer experience, you will need a good CRM to keep all the information in one place and access it anytime, anywhere. With Salesforce, you can accelerate your digital transformation and deliver a personalized, seamless customer experience.

No matter where you are on your Salesforce journey – planning, implementing, automating complex business processes, or integrating systems – we can help. We help clients translate Salesforce investment into quality deployment and timely project implementation.

Business Benefits

  • Drive efficiency across the organization
  • Faster data and system integration
  • Build a single source of truth/data
  • Higher ROI with unified customer data and analytics

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Salesforce Application Development

Our Salesforce Development Team can help build tailor-made, Lighting-ready customized apps that’s unique for your business. We leverage agile principles, focus on fast releases, validate iterations and deliver continuous improvements to the application.

What we offer:

  • App Development – Build standalone apps for Salesforce, upgrade existing solutions, migrate existing applications to Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Customization – Customize and modify applications based on Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, App Cloud.
  • Salesforce Mobile App Development – Development of customized Salesforce mobile applications to meet customer needs.

Our certified Salesforce experts can help you with

Lightning web components
Apex development


Salesforce Integration

Our Salesforce experts have years of experience integrating complex tools and systems. We’ll help you create an integration strategy that works, set clear guidelines for your solution development. Whether it is ERP, financial, marketing automation, or other technologies, we can help you deal with the integration tasks to enhance processes. We also cover various integrations related to security, user interface, business logic and big data, both in the cloud and on-premise. With a robust data and Salesforce integration strategy you’ll have a 360 degree view of your solution – what features can be built generically and which can serve ongoing purposes, maximizing your ROI.

What we offer:

  • Setup and Configuration – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Health Cloud
  • Synchronization of real-time data
  • Post-integration support and maintenance

Salesforce Data Migration

Getting all your data from your existing CRM to Salesforce may not be that easy, and can be time-consuming. Our data migration services begin with end-to-end assessments of the requirements, a thorough understanding of the infrastructure of existing CRM, identify the functionality gaps in the procedure, and recommend applications to address the flaws. We use the most effective tools that can extract, transform and load (ETL) your business-critical data in Salesforce, thereby reducing exposure to risk, redundancies and inaccuracies. We conduct quality assurance tests to ensure that data migration is executed without defects.

Salesforce Testing

Business worldwide uses Salesforce for its CRM, and it has its own challenges – real time integration with other applications, incomplete requirements, data mapping, migrations, and validations, duplicate records.

With our strong experience in implementing purpose-built Salesforce solutions across multiple industry verticals has a dedicated Salesforce Testing Practice led by certified professionals. Our forte lies in rapid Test automationend to end customer experience testingperformance engineering, and security testing.

What we offer:

  • Salesforce implementation strategy definition
  • Salesforce test data & environment management
  • Role-based end to end testing for new implementation rollout & upgrades

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